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Welcome to Tiny-Huge Design ,We are a Hong Kong-based design studio that has been operating since 2014. Our team is passionate about creating exceptional design solutions that enhance the built environment. With expertise in areas such as interior architecture and art consultancy, we offer a diverse range of services to cater to our clients' needs.  We are passionate about creating extraordinary spaces that blend aesthetics, functionality, and immersive experiences. At Tiny-Huge Design , we believe that art and lighting are the soul of design. Our talented team of architects and designers seamlessly integrate art and lighting into every project, curating stunning art collections and crafting captivating lighting schemes. Through collaboration and personalized attention, we transform clients' visions into reality, delivering exceptional designs that exceed expectations. From luxury homes to commercial establishments, our portfolio showcases diverse projects that reflect our commitment to revolutionizing living through design. Work with us on this journey where every space becomes a masterpiece.   歡迎來到 Tiny-Huge Design,我們是一家總部位於香港的設計工作室,自 2014 年開始營運。 憑藉室內建築和藝術諮詢等領域的專業知識,我們提供多樣化的服務來滿足客戶的需求。我們熱衷於創造融合美學、功能性和沈浸式體驗的非凡空間。 在Tiny-Huge Design,我們相信藝術和燈光是設計的靈魂。 我們才華橫溢的建築師和設計師團隊將藝術和照明無縫融合到每個項目中,策劃令人驚嘆的藝術收藏並精心設計迷人的照明方案。 透過協作和個人化關注,我們將客戶的願景轉變為現實,提供超越預期的卓越設計。 從豪華住宅到商業場所,我們的產品組合展示了多樣化的項目,體現了我們透過設計徹底改變生活的承諾。 與我們合作我們,踏上這段設計旅程,讓每個空間都成為傑作。

Residential 居住及酒店
Commercial 辦公及商業
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Art Accessories 藝術軟裝
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 Group Clients 集團客戶

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