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Services 服務範圍

Project Management Service

我們具有RICS 皇家測量師學會資質,專注於提供涵蓋專案生命週期各階段的全面專案管理服務。 從細緻的前期規劃、有效的投標階段組織到勤奮的專案施工管理,我們確保以精簡高效的方式實現專案管理目標。 我們的服務涵蓋竣工驗收和交付,確保專案成果順利、成功。

Our company specializes in providing comprehensive project management services covering all stages of the project life cycle. From meticulous pre-planning and effective bid stage organization to diligent project construction management, we ensure project management objectives are achieved with a streamlined and efficient approach. Our services cover completion acceptance and delivery, ensuring a seamless and successful project outcome.

Architectural/Interior Service 

致力於創造兼具功能性和視覺吸引力的室內空間。 與客戶密切合作,了解他們的需求、偏好和設計目標,然後制定和執行設計計劃來改造空間。 我們提供一系列服務,包括設計和建造以及純設計服務。

憑藉在 A&A(加建和改建)專案方面的豐富經驗,我們成功承擔了新增樓梯和修改外牆等任務。 我們在這些領域的專業知識使我們能夠有效率且有效地處理涉及對現有結構進行修改和改進的專案。

We are dedicated to creating interior spaces that are both functional and visually appealing.  To collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs, preferences, and design objectives, and then develop and execute design plans to transform spaces. We offer a range of services including design and build, as well as pure design services.

With extensive experience in A&A (Additions & Alterations) projects, we have successfully undertaken tasks such as adding new staircases and revising facades. Our expertise in these areas allows us to efficiently and effectively handle projects that involve modifications and improvements to existing structures.

Lighting Design Service



The lighting design consultant will conduct illumination simulation for the interior space, including illumination calculation, color temperature and color rendering selection, as well as indoor glare control, etc. We provide professional lighting design solutions, lighting control solutions and lighting product specifications.

Art Consultant

作為專門從事室內設計領域的藝術顧問,我們將藝術知識與創造具有凝聚力和視覺吸引力的空間的專業知識相結合。 我們以室內設計、建築背景為基礎,將客戶對藝術品的要求無縫地融入空間的整體設計方案中。

As an art consultant specializing in the field of interior design combines our knowledge of art with expertise in creating cohesive and visually appealing spaces. We working based on our interior design, architectural background,  integrate clients requirement of artworks seamlessly into the overall design scheme of a space.

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